Sunday, December 7, 2014

Digital Marketing Needs More Transparency

Hey guys! I wanted to share an interesting article regarding digital marketing and transparency as it relates to the end customer. I encourage you to give the article a read, as it raises some fair points with respect to one of digital marketing's biggest issues. Basically, the article discusses why small businesses often can be upset with their digital marketing consultants for various warranted reasons. We as digital marketers need to be more transparent with our customers up front. Goals and objectives should be determined in the beginning with the customer, as it makes your performance as a digital marketing consultant more measurable. We should be held accountable for the work we provide, so defining some measurables ahead of time will provide for a much better interaction between business and consumer.,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNHQPTRRyZPXUTjCZxgL8IWGroZd2w&ust=1418090655874668
If you haven;t already, I encourage you to check out the University of Michigan - Dearborn's Digital Marketing page to find out what they can offer you in the field of digital marketing. The University of Michigan - Dearborn is one of few colleges across the United States with this unique offering, so visiting the link is a good way to get informed.

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